Otet Protect

Otet Protect is mordern day smart attendance system. Which have two type of systems. One is like gates. whenever you swipe your card to get into gate. a text will automatically sent to your registered number. the second is RFID system. you have to scan your card in order to mark your attendance.

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What We Provide

Package 1 – RFID Cards Punching with In/Out SMS, App and Notification

  • 1  Software + SMS (In/Out) + Notification SMS

  • 2  RFID Proximity Card

  • 3  Hardware (Wireless/GPRS Biometric Machine) Management

Package 2 – Wireless RFID Walk through Gate with In/Out SMS, Mobile App & Notifications

  • 1  Software + SMS (In/Out) + Notification SMS

  • 2  RFID Proximity Card

  • 3  Hardware (Wireless/GPRS Biometric Machine) Management

Features Include in Attendance Package:

  •  In/Out messages on student’s entry and exit. 5 Extra SMS / Student/Month

  •  Attendance reports based on multiple parameters

  •  Online web / cloud based Attendance Portal

  •  Fees for School

  •  Report Card Online Software. (Any Syllabus)

  •  Free RFID Attendance for Employee/Staff management

  •  Daily SMS to Principal for Absent Staff / Teachers and Present Students count in School

  •  Birthday wishes

  •  Messages supported in both English and Hindi

  •  Automated SMS to parents when student’s attendance goes below a certain limit/threshold defined by school e: g 60%

Hardware Features

  •  GPRS Based. Operate by mobile SIM.

  •  Plug and Play. Portable. Just need to connect power supply

  •  Connects to cloud in 10 seconds

  •  No computer, wires, internet cable etc. required. Completely wireless

  •  No keypad so that students can change settings. Specially designed for school purpose

  •  Indo German technology. Made in India

Package 3 – OTET Secure Bus

  • 1  Plug and Play – No need of DVR. GPRS based

  • 2  Live Online View – Parents can get access of live online view inside bus

  • 3  Recording - Keep 25 days’ recordings safe

  • 3  SD Card Slot - No need of computer. SD card slot to record images & videos.

  • 3  Remote and Real Time Monitoring – Support mobile app for real time viewing

  • 3  Wide Dynamic Range

GPS Tracking System

  •  Real Time Location Tracking: Real time location can be tracked on mobile app and web

  •  Speed Alerts: Over speeding alerts

  •  Geo Fencing: It allows us to limit some region of area and if your vehicle go beyond the boundary of that region then urgent message will be send by the system through the mobile app to the manager to control the driver.

  •  Idle Time Report - Gives you an accurate report detailing when your driver was stopped and has left the engine running on the vehicle.

  •  Track Detail: Provides you with a split screen view when reviewing your driver's route. Speed Bar - This allows you to see how fast your driver was driving in a specific area.

  •  Group Reporting: Allows you to set vehicles up into groups for faster and easier reporting.

  •  Reports: Reports can be generated by the system to help understand the driver’s behaviour and to improve it.

RFID Attendance System

  •  Daily Bus Boarding/De-Boarding SMS to Parents

  •  Daily Absentee SMS to parents when school opens

  •  Screen to filter students based on attendance percentage range. e:g Students between up to 70%

  •  Online attendance reports – daily, weekly, monthly, class and section wise

  •  Daily attendance count to management by SMS. Graphical view on dashboard

  •  Daily employee’s attendance and online reports – daily, weekly, monthly, customized

  •  Absent employees report to management by SMS with name &code daily at specified time ➢ Parent’s Web and App Login

  •  Extra SMS. SMS and Homework Notification Module.


  •  Easy to use web application.

  •  Customer services driven

  •  It is an affordable.

  •  Increased security of vehicles and drivers.

  •  Respond to emergencies with accuracy and efficiency.

  •  Extend life of vehicles.

  •  Provide reports.

  •  Gain instant access of locations of any vehicles

  •  Monitor engine hours and distance travelled for automated maintenance on vehicles.

  •  OTET Infosystem will provide software technical support.


  •  100% amount to be paid in advance before hardware is dispatch

  •  Installation and all on-site support to be given by reseller and not included in this proposal

  •  It takes 3 days to dispatch the orders from the date of payment made.

  •  Hardware covers with 1 Year warranty.

OTET Secure Bus